Sitakund rest house is 20 k.m. from Baripada, The nearest airport is calcutta(250 km from Baripada) & Bhubaneswar(250 km from Baripada)

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 There is regular Air conditioned Bus services available from Bhubaneswar to Baripada, Bhubaneswar -Baripada super fast train available at 5.15pm at Bhubaneswar except Saturday.    Baripada-Bhubaneswar super fast train available at 5.00am at Baripada except Sunday.

 Regular Bus Services available from Calcutta except Sunday. A train Shalimar-Baripada express running weekly 3 days from Kolkata . Departure on Saturday, Monday & Tuesday from Shalimar at 6.15P.M. similaly Departure on Sunday,Tuesday & Wednesday  from Baripada at 3.45 A.M .