Mayurbhanj is famous for large varieties of animal which have their main concentration in the Similipal. Elephants are found in all overs the forest. Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopards, Sambar,Spotted deer, Bison, wild Dog etc are found in deep forest (core area). 

Among  Indian Civet, Bear, Badger, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Monkey, Langur, Giant Squirrel, are found periphery forest (Buffers area) of the Similipal.

  Striped Hyaena, Jakal,  Fox, Mongoose, Otter, Rabbits  are found near villages of foot steps of Similipal.

 Porcupines, Flying Squirrel, Flying fox, Giant owl are found in night in the Similipal. 

Among birds Peacock (National Bird of Mayurbhanj State), Horned bill, Different types of Parrots, Hill Myna, Jungle Fowl,  are found in the Similipal. 

The Similipal is also home for many types of reptiles like Python, King Cobra, Common Cobra, Different types of lizards & Crocodiles. 

In the rivers of the Similipal 37 species of Fishes & 20 Species of amphibian also found. 

Wild animal are found in Chahala, Debasthali & in Upper Baraha Kamuda of Similipal.  

Spotted deer at CHAHALA

Elephant & Sambar at Debasthali 

Sambar at Upper Barha Kamuda during night 

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  Sambar & Spotted Deer at Debasthali 

 Sambar at Upper Barha Kamuda during Day 

                                         Barking Deer at Upper Barha Kamuda Salt-lick 

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Langur at Sitakund rest house 

PEACOCK at Noana in a paddy field. 

Elephant at SITAKUND Nala 

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Giant Squirrel  

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 Fish are found in a gorge of Brahaman Kunda on river Khadkei